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Dr. Khalid Prince
Dr. Khalid Prince

Dr. Khalid Prince

Plastic Surgeon

Master of cosmetic and Reconstructive plastic Surgery Member of the Saudi and International Society of Plastic Surgery. 14 years of experience in the field of plastic surgery.


  • Rhinoplasty and correction of nasal deviation and nasal septum.
  • Face and neck lift and self-fat injection in the face and hands.
  • Tighten the upper and lower eyelids and raise the eyebrow.
  • Suction of the gland, removal of cheek fat, and lifting of the upper lips.
  • Prominent ear adjustment.
  • Tightening, enlarging and reducing the breast.
  • Suction and tightening of sagging abdomen, arm and thighs, sculpting and body coordination.
  • Repairing gynecomastia in men
  • Botox and filler injections.